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Dave Silverman

…National Spokesperson for American Atheists, debate partner of William Devlin
Dave Silverman has been an Atheist since he was six years old and began debating religion in high school. When he was thirty, his mother realized that it was more than “just a phase”.

Dave Silverman

After attending a protest in 1997, Dave decided to become an activist and soon thereafter was appointed the New Jersey State Director of American Atheists. After four years of service, he was asked to take on the role he assumes today, that of National Spokesperson. In this capacity, Dave has appeared on programs such as “Paula Zahn Now”, “The O’Reilly Factor”, “Hannity and Colmes”, FOX News, “Scarborough Country”, Nick News and “It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle”. It was on the latter show where he met Reverend William Devlin for the first time. He also regularly appears in major newspapers and runs the No God Blog for American Atheists.

Dave is also an accomplished inventor with seventy-four patents, holds degrees in Marketing and Computer Science, and has published several articles in the American Atheists magazine, as well as a cover story for Inventors’ Digest.

Dave has been married to a religious Jewish woman for fifteen years and has an eight-year old daughter who has already beaten him in a fair-and-square debate!

Dave Silverman is available to debate William Devlin exclusively through the MasterMedia Speakers Bureau.

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