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Jerome D. Levin

Jerome D. Levin...Respected psychologist and addictions therapist

Dr. Jerome Levin has over 20 years' experience in the field of addiction therapy and has authored 10 books on the subject.

His most famous is The Clinton Syndrome, the 1998 title which detailed the President and the harmful nature of sexual addiction.

Jerome D. Levin

Surprisingly, the portrait of Mr. Clinton was generally sympathetic rather than totally negative as many expected prior to actually reading the book.

His speeches offer a profound explanation of the self-destructive and risky behavior which characterizes sexual and other addictions. Currently affiliated with the New School for Social Research, he is a member of the Humanities Department and Director of the Addiction Counselor Training Program, which he founded.

1. The Clinton Syndrome
2. Why People Get Hooked
3. The Psychodynamic Approach To Addiction

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